3 Sure Ways To Change Your Life In The Next 30 Days

This business I built didn’t come solely from implementing different strategies to grow.

It took a ton of heavy lifting of intentional shifts in your mindset

Please don’t get it twisted.

Guess where 6 figures start?

In your mind. In your brain. I had to believe I could. Then I made it happen. And then I did it again. And then again. And then again. Multiple 6 figures. In my head.

Then your body follows. Then you pick actions rooted in your mindset.

So if you’re feeling stuck and frozen in time but you know you’re called to something different maybe pivoting to a new stream of income or maybe phasing out old offers and embracing the NEW ideas in this season, here’s 3 shifts I seriously want you to take to heart

You know it’s time for a shift in your business. The old ways of creating content, launching offers, selling services and serving your community is now different. 

You know it’s time for a change but you’re not sure how to get started. 

Here’s 3 shifts to start implementing today for the next 30 days to see a change in yourself, and your business and operate from a place of sheer power and confidence.

1. Cut off negative self-talk 

You are your biggest critic sis. And all the negative self-talk is ONLY is only designed to keep you STUCK and frozen in the same place you’re literally trying to get out of. 

The It Gurl doesn’t give an ear to thoughts whose SOLE purpose is to sabotage your ability to be successful. Cut it off. 


2. Lean Into Your Power

You don’t realize it but there are people who are intimidated by you simply by you simply showing up online while you’re afraid to speak. 

When you show up for your business you remind people who you are, what you stand for, and how powerful your impact is that you carry. People see. They think about you and watch your content even if they don’t double tap. 

3. Have Laser Focus

No one is coming to save you. No one is coming to make the existing work before you more easy, more convenient and more comfortable. 

The goals you have require work. There’s no other way around it. If everyone could do it, then they would have. But because it doesn’t work that way, there’s a level of work ethic, discipline and tenacity needed to get it done. 

Sometimes running a business does suck. Sometimes it’s hard annoying and grueling, exhausting. But do it anyway. 

7 figure business women get it done. It gets done. 

So the actions you chose today rooted in this mindset WILL lead to success. 

Why? You will never regret working hard for your dreams. 

Your business requires your undivided focus. 

Your business requires you to give it your all. 

Not half of anything. Not operating from a place of feelings or emotions. It requires strategy, a powerful mindset, routines, and habits that are rooted in your business winning. Nothing less.


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