Simply put...I’m gonna teach you how to genuinely make more money so you can sleep in later (or tour the other side of the world).

on your own terms.

I'll teach you how to scale your business through PROFITABLE digital marketing strategies and business coaching. You can have FINANCIAL FREEDOM and live life 


I'm Natania!

A real business.

You’re officially running a business.
Not a side hustle or a hobby.
Not a passion project that’s an extension of your creativity. 

You’ve stepped into the CEO position.


· Understand that they are subconsciously sabotaging their business and then teach them how to overcome money-mindset blocks, intuitively understanding how to show up as their best-next level

· Go from making less than $3K a month to working with me for 30 days and doubling it

· Quit their 9-5 and take the leap into running their own full-time business

· Gain clarity on the next steps to take in order to scale

just like you...

I've helped women

And that’s because not only have I gone through exactly what you’re facing right now, I have coached hundreds of women to make more money in their business, find the right audience who’s ready to buy from them, and teach them how to achieve financial freedom and live life on whatever terms that looks like for them.

Did I read your mind? I thought so.

· You’re a successful business owner but you’re ready to take your online business to the next level. You’re no longer playing it safe anymore.

· You’ve outgrown working with clients 1:1 because you realize there’s only a certain amount of hours you can work with them

· You’re burnt out because your calendar is booked and busy every month with 1:1 clients

· You have a full-time job but you’ve put in your mental resignation for the billionth time

· You’re a service based provider and the sales you generate are equal to your expenses

(it probably is but let's to see if I can read your mind)

Raise your hand if this is you...

Somewhere along your business journey, you’ve noticed that for some reason, your income is consistently the same each month. Consistently less than 4 figures each month. And though you’re not “complaining” exactly (because we remember when it was just family and friends who were supporting our first launch), it’s just that no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to move past that.

Other businesses are scaling so why not you?

You ever wonder why some businesses are easily banking 50K months in revenue and your business can’t seem to cross a $10K month? And they were doing exactly what you are currently offering but for some reason, it just seems like they blew up overnight.

It just didn’t make any sense. That's the thought I had a few months before I hit my first 10K month. I decided that come hell and high waters, my business is going to scale.

I started my online coaching business when I was a full-time nursing student with less than $100 and SCALED TO HIT OVER  $100,000 in 12 months. Now I am teaching you HOW YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

(Honest moment here) 

Some of my top clients have gone from zero to $17,000, $10,000 and $6,000 months using my 6 figure scaling structure and marketing strategies. I believe your online business should continually increase in profit while your expenses are not growing at the same rate.

I have helped over hundreds of women entrepreneurs scale their online business in profit and I have taught women just like you, how to scale to hit CONSISTENT 5 FIGURE SALES.

I want to be a part of hundreds of other money-making go-getter Gen-Z entrepreneurs. I don’t want to run my business alone anymore. Teach me thy ways!

Or is this more like it?

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Private 1:1 Coaching

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I’m ready to scale to 6 figures and beyond. I need a step by step 6 personalized plan.

Sound familiar?

I need clarity on why my business isn’t scaling, I’m not sure who my ideal client is and I need a strategy to push my business forward.

Is this you?

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Let's Work Together

Here’s how we can get you the help you need:

Here's what clients are saying

"Today's session opened my eyes to so many things I didn’t take into account thus far when working on my businesses. Although I'm in an early stage with my business, this masterclass was extremely informative. It opened me up to entering into the entrepreneur space with a different money mindset!"

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"The 1:1 Intensive Strategy Session was incredibly informative! There are many things I need to implement in order to calculate my wins. I was comfortable in asking questions, and they were always answered. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me. Yes, this was worth the investment!"

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"Natania did a great job breaking down the thoughts I was unable to fully put into words myself. I've gained so much in this one masterclass, and I can only imagine what her full coaching programs are like. Looking forward to the day when I can afford to learn even more from her!"

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"Natania you were unbelievably helpful! Thank you for being patient and understanding as I formulated my questions. You didn't rush the process, you were interested in helping me more than anything. You went above and beyond to use your tools and knowledge to help me. Thank you so much girl!"

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"Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me. Your advice, patience, and directions have really helped me gain clarity for the start and growth of my business. I'm looking forward to showing you my progress! Thank you!"

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"Natania was extremely helpful in pinpointing some key areas about my website that needed work. She broke it down for me so I could understand each step’s importance and how to execute it effectively. I can’t wait to work more in-depth with her in the future!"

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We vow to keep it real.

We work with businesses small in size but mighty in profit.

We live life on our own terms!

The only thing we aren't sure about is what we're wearing tonight, not how much we’re going to make in Q4.

I may or may not have an obsession with documentaries and chai tea.

Everyone has the opportunity to scale. There’s no magic pill to grow overnight.

Fun Facts

I’ve found an easier way to do business, scale for profit, simplify offers and authentically show up in front of an audience. Let’s work together so you can turn the empire in your head into real life plans. I’ll teach you how you can make money while also having a hands-off approach in your business (you can drop a Houdini and still hit your monthly revenue).

I'll let you decide if another day of Googling and saying a hail Mary, let me throw the spaghetti at the wall again to see if it’ll work, is worth it. No matter how we work together, I’ll teach you how to bypass the DIY and scale in half the time. 

You don’t have to struggle alone.

Let's make it happen.