Selling Myths And LIES You’ve Been Told In Business

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Can I be REAL? If you want to scale to 6 figures, you’re going to absolutely have buyers who sign up who will eventually put in a request for a chargeback.

It will happen. There will be that ONE person who WILL say this is not what I wanted and demand a refund even if the policy is no refunds.

There will be that one. They always exist.

And that’s a part of business.

No matter how much you market to your dream buyers, it doesn’t mean your offer is the BEST fit for them.

You can do all the pre-qualifying in the world too, there will be people who you cannot please.

Another selling myth to debunk:

The customer is always right.

Where did this stem from?

Why are we trying to let people be loud and wrong in their wrongness when they’re clearly wrong?

Your job is to politely, firmly and professionally clarify, inform, advocate and educate.

(This is the nurse that’s coming out) because people are wrong and that’s ok. Don’t be argumentative or go back and forth. Simply state the clarifying factors and move forward.

This breeds overly demanding clients and it’s your job as the CEO to set the tone. Remain direct and professional.


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