Understand how they are subconciously sabotaging their business and then coach them on how to overcome money-mindset blocks and intuitively understand how to show up as their best-next level self

Gain clarity on common business mistakes so they know the exact the next steps to take in order to scale

Quit their 9-5 and take the leap into running their own full time business

Go from making less than $3K a month to working with me for and making their first 6 figures

I've helped women:

Scale For Profit is an 8 week intimate live group coaching experience designed for the womenpreneur who’s ready to transform her existing business to a sustainable model with a focus on scaling her profit. We’re mixing digital marketing strategies, mindset shifting and business coaching into an accelerator rapid fire experience with a community of go-getter entrepreneurs all looking to scale. This round, I've added in a bonus of 4 weeks of Business Coaching for implementation and strategic launch. 

This is where I come in. I’M NATANIA. YOUR SCALE EXPERT.

If you've nodded your head and thought to yourself    that this is you,                                        

you are in the right place.

In this hybrid course, you will learn how to be a leader and expert in your field. After all, people are always in your DM trying to pick your brain for free without paying. They are asking for your opinion and you know you should be charging but you just don't know where or how to start. You know and they know you're the BEST at what you do but they simply refuse to pay. And that's going to shift in Scale For Profit because we have an entire module dedicated to pulling out your leadership qualities so you get paid like the expert you are by elevating your messaging and positioning. 

You want to be booked solid and be the go to expert in your industry.


This is where you need mindset coaching in order to have and bring in more. In order to go from 1K months to 1K hours, you need to shift your mindset. You can not grow your business with strategies that are allowing you to continue to cap and expect to hit 10-20K months. You have to do something different. And it first starts in understanding how you view mone, how you spend it and how to train your audience to view it to invest in you too.

You are ready to welcome abundance, wealth and income generating habits into your life and business


You ready to finally break the glass ceiling of stagnation in your business. You're hitting multiple 3 figures and barely making consistent 4-5 figures but you know you're ready to double your income and take things to the next level. You are ready to launch your offer with a rinse + repeat strategy = hello consistent income! You want to confidently be able to predict your income from a year out and actually make it happen.

You’re so ready to scale your business in profit


Let's be real. Your offer works. It's a million-dollar idea and you know your business has what it takes for you to quit your 9-5 and work from your laptop. But you aren't sure how to sell it to the point where you're bringing in 5 figure months online. You've signed up for courses, programs and other masterminds but still find yourself stuck. You don't know what you need to do first but you know you gotta do something!

You need a clear, easy to follow scalable blueprint




Why You're Here

4 months after that I decided to launch a group coaching program. It was a total FLOP. No one signed up. Before I could even pitch the rest of the program, everyone logged off and I was left talking to myself. Talk about awkward and feeling like a total failure.

But at the same time, I booked my highest ticket offer ever. 4 figures every month. I was frustrated because I was making a sale here and there but I didn't have a strategy that would guarantee income or serve a community that needed my expertise.

At that moment I decided I was going to go all in for my next launch, make 5 figures in my business and always have recurring income. I went from 1K months, my immediate circle of family and friends wondering what in the world was I doing with my life and time. I wasn't short of hearing "get a real job. This is a hobby." I had MANY thoughts about "what if this business doesn't work out? I'll have to go back to working 12 hour shifts and breaking my back". I went from being a nursing student/RN seeing the income I would make as a nurse ($60-75K).
Now I am an online business coach, making $30K months doing what I love and teaching others how to do the same.

Almost 3 years ago, I made my first sale within 1 month of launching what you know as Natania Creates. I made $30. My first sale. I worked as a social media manager, social media coach and virtual assistant. I was undercharging my services because I didn't think people would actually pay me a price point I dreamed off. I wasn't sure if I was going to sign any clients and was constantly wondering where my next sale was going to come from.

Here's my story:

I worked with entrepreneurs who immediately paid in full and are now making 5 figures a month

I created a signature offer and sold out it out and made 6 figures from the launches 

I no longer worried about launching a new stream of income within my business and hoping it would do well

I have been booked out every single month and now being 100% booked over a month in advance

I make consistent 20K a month without launching

I went from 5K months to 30K months and scale to multiple 6 figures

Here’s what scaling looked like for me:

Imagine launching your offer and bringing in the money you know you deserve without chasing down clients.

Imagine that every time you launch, you know someone will buy it before launching because you have built enough trust with your audience ahead of time.

You have shifted your mindset from thinking you can't have 5K months to waking up to money notifications because your business flows from abundance and ease.

This is possible      you too.


No more low-balling yourself. No more undercharging because you don't think people will buy. You can finally say goodbye to dropping your prices because you don't think people will pay you what you are worth. In this module, you will learn my 3 part pricing strategy. You will learn exactly how to price your offer according to your goals, your expenses and your value. This is all about scaling.

Module 6: the INDUSTRY secret to pricing your business to scale to 6 figures

You will learn how to package your offer in a way where it is visually appealing but also learning how to use strategic language to convince people to buy. A pretty graphics DOES make the difference if people are going to buy it or not. But the choice of words you use (which is called copywriting) matters just as much.

Module 5: uniquely package Your IRRESISTIBLE Offer so it's an easy visual yes 

In this module, you will learn how to be the go-to expert in your industry. If anyone has ever sent you a message to pick your brain, ask you for your advice and consultation on something, you are an expert. But the goal is to make everyone view you as an expert because once they do, no matter what you offer, people will buy it. After all, they value your advice.

Module 4: Position Yourself as a high PAID Expert & thought leader in your industry

This isn't another empowerment "get over imposter syndrome" class. It's going to be honest, raw and unfiltered. You will learn how to identify the thoughts and barriers that are keeping you back from scaling because they are there and need to go. This is a module you'll likely rewatch twice as I break down the internal shifts you have to take to scale from 3-4-5-6 figures.

Module 3: uplevel your business APPROACH for Higher figure income

You will learn how to market your business by being yourself. I will teach you a step by step framework to using your personality and natural talents that not just makes you likeable but has clients falling in love with your offer. They will consciously makes the decision to work with you and not someone else based on personality. We are breaking all the sales and marketing rules most gurus teach and you'll learn how to authentically show up a you. This module is the cheatcode. You make the decision to work with creatives you love. So does your audience. 

Module 2: how to powerfully show up as your authentic self

Let’s shift your mindset about money and your relationship with it. You first step to making 4-5 figure months starts in your mind, not with a marketing strategy. It's time to rewire how you view and value money in order to scale your business for profit.

Module one: the money mindset shift to embrace for a profitable business

Here's what you're getting...

"Since starting Natania’s program. Scale For Profit Boot Camp, I increased my followers by 60 and saw an increase in content interactions by over 1000%. I booked two 1-1 coaching clients and 4 discovery calls in a week for a service I’m not even currently promoting!"

take it from past clients!

 The Scalable Sales Blueprint Course (Value $1,000)
The Scale Society Resource Guide (Value $299)
8 In Depth Training Modules (Value $2,000)
Access to the Private Coaching Chat  (Value $1,000)
Weekly Homework + Worksheets (Value $500)
The Content To Cash Course (Value $1,500)

Here’s what you’re getting

The goods



3 monthly payments of

4 monthly payments of

Flexible Payment Plan

Easy Payment Plan

Most popular


automatically upgrade to a CEO Student when you sign up during the pre-sale time.


total payment of

CEO Payment Plan

be a vip student

The Scale For Profit is still open for enrollment. You can reach out via IG direct message to inquire about the in's and out's of the program as well.

The Essentials

with a $300 deposit

with a $500 deposit

with a $300 deposit

Natania Creates charges in USD.

Upgrade to the CEO section and get acess to past coaching calls in Scale For Profit . We discuss the next steps to scaling your business and embodying the CEO lifestyle.

The CEO Section (Value $2,000)

We will deep dive into the details of your idea and turning it into a money-making service. By the end of the 45 minutes, you’ll have a clear understanding of what your unique service is about and how you can scale from it.

(2) 1:1 Private Scale For Profit Coaching Call (Value $350)

Automatically be upgraded to a CEO Student when you pay
the $500 deposit and the remaining balance in 14 days!

Hey CEO, Lemme Upgrade Ya


"Module 1: Money Mindset and Module 2: Emotional Marketing classes definitely did it for me! I especially felt something break for me after I sat on the money mindset session. I'm free in my mind FORREAL!"

take it from past clients!