The last time you put yourself out there it was *crickets* and no one bought

You aren't sure how to create, launch, or market your course or even make sales from it

You want to be seen as an expert in your field by creating an online course but you don't know how

Your business is not scaling past 3K/month but you know it has the potential to

You're ready to be seen as the go-to expert in your niche, teaching your best tips and putting it in an online course creatives can see results with!

Booking your 1:1 calendar with clients is leading you to a slow-fire of burn out and inconsistent income (because you always need new clients). You want an additional stream of income

You're ready to scale your business to 6 figures by selling one product over and over again (hello passive income and evergreen courses!)

Why you're here...

A 4 month 1:1 and mastermind style container for the women who’s ready to be one of the most influential industry leaders, scaling her business to 6 figures and creating out a MONEY MAKING signature that leads to predictable income like consistent $10K months and effortless everything 

The Power Shift

I have helped over 300+ women entrepreneurs scale their business for profit and hit their first 5 figure sale. Some have made $17,000, $10,000 and $6,000 in cash and sales.

After scaling to multiple 6 figures, I have learned an easier way to scale. I’ll teach you how to work less while making more money in your business by putting together an evergreen course so you can always be paid no matter what you’re doing. 

I started my online coaching business as a full-time nursing student with less than $100 and scaled to hit multiple 6 figures in less than two years and now I am teaching how you can do it too.

Hi, I'm Natania!

You don't have to keep launching something new every month just to hit your bottom line. You can simplify your life, schedule and your income strategy.

You got into entrepreneurship to have financial freedom. Not to work with clients you regret just to make ends meet.

That's why I say, welcome to a 6 figure lifestyle!

The Power Shift is rooted in the framework and mindset of scaling to 6 figures with ease.

"My biggest win right now is the confidence to keep going. I’m still in the planning stage of my launch with all the info from the course, but I can’t wait to see what next month will look like. I feel GUIDED and CONFIDENT!"

Kind words from past clients

Lesson 1: Learn my automation tips and tricks on getting client's to write you a testimonial

Lesson 2: Now it's time to learn how to relaunch your course so you can scale for profit

Lesson 3: Welcome to the 6 figure lifestyle. This lesson is an invitation to the next level you're climbing too in your business

Module 6: Ready For Results 

Lesson 1: You will learn how to create your course curriculum (while balancing your theory and empower your students to take actionable steps)

Lesson 2: It's time to market your offer on social media. How are you going to show up? What type of message are you going to leave in your ideal client's mind in order for them to sign?

Lesson 3: Learn how to correctly price your offer according to industry standards

Module 5: Putting It All Together

Lesson 1: In this lesson, you will learn my profitable multiple 5 figure launch strategy and posting timeline

Lesson 2: In this lesson, you will learn how to accept payments online for your course so you’re on your way to making more money

Lesson 3: Learn my step by step script on how to sell though the DM's with ease

Module 4: The Secret To Making Sales

Lesson 1: Learn the industries standards for effective launch graphics that attracts your ideal client

Lesson 2: Learn the importance of creating a sales page and what should be on one that will convert traffic into leads

Lesson 3: Learn what to say when you launch to your audience. From captions, CTA's and selling without feeling like you're screaming to your community to buy your course

Module 3: Mapping Your Content 

Lesson 1: Let's outline the framework and teaching style for your offer. You will also create your step-by-step framework.

Lesson 2: Your Unique Selling Advantage. This is where I share my secrets and rationale behind sales. This lesson will give you an edge over every other course creator and will be the top reason why YOU make sales

Module 2: Creating Your Method

Lesson 1: What’s your main goal for the course? This is where you map out your learning objectives

Lesson 2:
What is your audience? This is where we go over what you do, who it's for and niche all the way down. Go deep and not wide.

Lesson 3:
Craft The Overview of your Course. We will put together the skeleton framework and systems of your course in a rough outline.

Module one: Creating Your Irresistible Offer 

Here's what you're getting...

Her willingness to be open and unapologetic about her business strategies is something I truly admire. She is a great person who genuinely tries to help other people with their business. The tips and tricks she shares may seem simple to some but they really make an impact.

Kind words from past clients

The Content To Cash Course + Effortless Sales

(4) 1-1 Power Shift Strategy  Session for VIP members 

Access to the $100K Accelerator with 6 module and 25+ lessons

2 programs fused into 1 (The $100K Accelerator and The Power Shift)

10 High-level mastermind style coaching sessions

Here's what you're getting...

The $100K Accelerator


$300 deposit + 3

3 Part Payment Plan



one time payment of

Single payment


The Investment