Here’s what a choice to scale looked like

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Here’s what a choice to scale looked like

Working only Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10-1 pm.

I set this as my business schedule BEFORE I had a lot of clients. At the time I only had 2

I was tired of being freely available without a business routine and structure.

Things were messy and all over the place.

I was meeting clients throughout the week at awkward times during the day

I found this extremely difficult to remain productive and effectively time block because my flow was being interrupted by client calls.

Can you relate???

So I made the switch to having business days and hours that way I can have sessions back to back with a 15 minute break to grab food, check emails, create content and reply to my team.

My earliest call is 10 am and my latest is 1 pm. I don’t work at all on the weekends.

I have CEO days and weeks. Why? Because you can’t always be “on”.


-Set that days you’ll be on, showing your face and creating your content.

For example that can be Monday – Wednesday ONLY.

-Set the days you’ll send emails, create workflows and brain storm the next launch.

For example, that can be Thursday and Friday only.

During the on times you’re booking calls, Discovery sessions and batch in your content.

And during the off times, designate one day to be your CEO Day where you review your metrics, content, check your emails and gear up for the next week!

This allowed me to start to develop a business routine I could easily follow and allow me to designate task on a to do list for a certain day.

AND this will limit the feeling of scatterbrained and discombobulation.

Do you take CEO days? Is it Monday or Friday?


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