16 weeks. Me and you. Unlimited support and a proven money making plan to scale your business.

CEO level Private One on one coaching

This plan is designed for the online entrepreneur who’s ready to go from making $3,000 and less to scaling to 5 FIGURE MONTHS and being booked and busy with DREAM CLIENTS YOU LOVE.

+ Not only do I care about you seeing results within your business but I am extremely hands on and as your coach (like weekly homework, text check ins and accountability). I can’t wait to walk you through a step by step strategy to scale. 

+ You’ll learn how to be on top, generate the income you desire and build an intuitive marketing strategy that makes your clients feel like “wow, she just read my mind. Where do I sign up?” so you can make more money in a way that feels authentic.

In 4 months, I will teach you how to be the expert at your business, be booked out while working with dream clients all without having a cap on your income.


It’s time for you to be wildly in demand and STEP INTO YOUR

+ Building the empire that shakes the digital space and giving you the authority and expert positioning that tells the world, you’re the leader of the industry

+ An authentic and genuine strategy that is based off of who you are in order to make sales. You’ll never again have to sell and feel uncomfortable.

+ You will learn my 6 and multiple 6 figure blueprint. A model I used to hit my first 10K and then consistent 20K month thereafter.

+ A new business structure that is set to help you scale and drives revenue into your pocket

+ A permanent closing off the doors to burn out and working 40 hours a week

Here's what's right around the corner for you

The breakdown

If there’s one thing I don’t like about the coaching industry is that there’s always a brand new strategy promising to bring results, but in reality only a few clients ever achieve them (I know you’ve seen it too).

Usually what happens is you sign up for a program or course and you come to realize that the “proven strategy” is like a cheap one size fits all Christmas sweater. And now you’ve made an investment that feels like a waste of time and you’re still stuck.

Still not making the money you want.
Still making less than 5 figures.
Still burning out trying to book more and sell more.
Still wondering what your next step is.

Can I be honest?

You’re more confused and frustrated now than ever and you just don’t understand why no one is buying and why you’re making the money you want

You may have even worked with another expert before but you’ve left feeling like something is still missing and you’re still not seeing the results you’re looking for

You’ve invested in online courses, masterminds, coaching programs in the past that promised to help you book more clients and make more money

You feel like you need a big audience with consistent clients before reaching out and asking for help

You feel like you need to have all of it together prior to reaching out so you don’t “waste time”

You ‘re worried that you won’t make your investment back because a multiple 4 figure investment is scary

Does this sound familiar?

You know what to do...but you're still stuck. Trust me, I've heard it ALL before. A game changing strategy requires you to CHANGE the game.

"I’m grateful for her knowledge and ability to navigate through difficult questions to get to my end goal. When working with a consultant, professionalism, consistency and expertise are key and Natania most definitely exhibited these qualities when we were working together!"

Kind words from previous clients:

4. If all goes well, you secure your seat with a $700 deposit and we get the party started

3. I will connect with you via Instagram to ensure you’re a good fit for this service.

2. I will be in contact with you within 2-3 business days and review your responses and do my research on your business in the meantime

1. Fill out the application form and be as detailed as you can with your responses

Here’s how it works

Weekly homework challenges to solidify your knowledge

Access to a 6 figure expert and coach that’s here to answer all of your questions based off of experience

Ongoing accountability to reach your business goals

Unlimited support in-between sessions

 12 50 minute 1:1 sessions
hosted via Zoom

Here’s what you’re getting

I did the TWO things that you asked me to do and in days I became FULLY BOOKED until August. I had to open up more slots to accommodate the increase. I'm so grateful for the strategy call with Natania!

take it from past clients:

with a $700 deposit to save your space in my calendar

(Total Investment of $11,000)


5 payments of

In our coaching sessions, I will teach you my strategy and systems that TRANSFORMED my business and HUNDREDS of others into being wildly in demand CEO’s making 5 figures a month.

If you want different results you have to do something different.

Doing something different looks like you working with an expert who’s been EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE NOW and can teach you how to get similar results.

LISTEN, I never wonder where my NEXT client is going to come from anymore. AND, I'm going to teach you how.

The Investment