3 Things You Were Likely Taught But Doesn’t Make A Lick of Sense

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1. You’ll lower your engagement rate with frequent daily posting

I show up daily because I like daily sales.

Do you? The proof is in the numbers. Daily posting doesn’t lead to burn out to everyone.

So if it’s manageable and you love it—go for it. You’ll increase your reach and LEARN how to create high quality content by experience.

2. When you’re first starting out, you can charge high ticket because you ARE an expert

If you’re first starting out it’s best to build an audience and create LOW-RISK ways to enroll your audience and built trust.

You DO have to prove yourself online. Why? Because not everyone is legit.

Charging high tickets communicates a ton of silent messages and is reserved for an established community, a proven framework that works and a process to make sales.

Without those factors, you’ll have an expensive overlooked offer that your audience isn’t interested in

3. You don’t need to show up that much bc your fav coach barely posts but scaled

You are not your mentor

They did the groundwork to build

She did the leg work to mentor and slow down

You want ease but you’re also gonna have to establish yourself and build your own solid community.

Thanks for hanging with me today!
I’m Natania, Business Coach + Digital Marketer. I help women just like you grow and scale your online business with a focus on profit.


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