Your content strategy can’t just be posting a reel a day…


Remember how I said we are business owners FIRST. Content creator second?

That still applies in your reels. Posting an engaging reel a day without a strategy to convert is a waste of time in my humble opinion.

No one needs more followers. We don’t need more likes. We cannot pay bills with engagement 💀

Your content strategy can’t just be posting a reel a day hoping it’s going to convert into sales!

Here’s what you can do:

Create attraction based content to build awareness

Awareness in your brand (who you are, your signature personality and style, what you stand for and how you want your audience to feel)

And product awareness. This means what services you offer. What you sell and who it’s for! Your challenge and job is to do this in a creative manner!

Create trust based content that leads to conversion! The goal is for your audience to convert. It’s not just enough to post for likes. After they double tap, they gotta buy as well!

So how do you influence someone to buy? How do you create space for the sale? Show them WHY they should buy.

Tell them why you’re a safe investment and back it up with examples.

This is a strategy you can steal and use when you’re creating your reels moving forward. Remember, you’re not a content creator; you’re here to make a profit sis


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