You are a Business owner 1st, Content creator 2nd

(READ CAPTION) If you’re a business owner your primary focus is to make a profit.


You are a business owner FIRST, Content creator SECOND

You sell to have a profitable business and HOW you do that is by creating content that influences ideal clients to buy

Please read that again

Don’t get it twisted. Don’t compete with content creators.

Don’t compete with influencers


You’re here to make money

That’s the role of an entrepreneur

Here’s the tea: think twice before you follow other CONTENT CREATORS whose job is to create content and sell offers that are less than $100

That’s not us

And there’s NOTHING wrong with it but remember we are business owners. So your content strategy MUST LOOK DIFFERENT from the creator

I really need you to get to this. Why? Those who are trending and you are trying to mimic are content creators

The most expensive offer an online coach or service provider can start at 5 figures

The most expensive offer from a content creators typically is $500

As a business owner, your focus is to use reels and other forms of content to SELL your services. Not just create entertaining content like the content creator.

It can’t and should not only be funny

Your content shouldn’t only make people laugh. It should also influence them to buy whatever you’re selling.

It should influence them to keep your brand top of mind and keep them coming back to your free content into your PAID offer.

Know the difference. Businesswoman first and I sell THROUGH content creation.

Thanks for hanging with me today!

I’m Natania, Business Coach + Digital Marketer. I help women just like you grow and scale your online business with a focus on profit.


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