If I were to start my business all over again here’s what I would do


1. I would pick ONE clear niche I’m passionate about serving

I would create content to attract one type of woman into my business

I would speak to the pain points she’s struggling with within her business with a focus on scaling her profit

I would focus on taking businesses to the next level and showing her how that would be possible for her too!

I would serve the heck out of this niche

I would not deviate from this topic in order to establish myself as an expert right from the get-go with this niche

2. I would create high ticket and low ticket offers

The trick behind this is backing up your price points as a newbie with PROOF!
I’m not going to think I’m entitled to charge high tickets but I would prove myself to my audience by creating content that’s based on trust!

But high ticket offers are where it’s at. They are easier to sell when you have a warmed-up audience and you have done the work to prove to them you’re a safe investment

You should have low ticket offers as well so it’s a low-risk investment for people to buy.

That way she knows that if she buys something cheaper and has a good experience, she can buy something more expensive and confidently enroll!

3. I would create content around my offers and break down to her why it’s important

You should focus on ensuring your content is set for conversion so you’re constantly in a position to make a sale!

Create content where you highlight a problem AND THEN build a storyline around it. In the end, show her the solution which is your offer.

Rinse and repeat style!

This is how I scaled to 5-6 figures. Then I scaled to multiple 6 figures in 11 months!

Try these tips today and comment down below which one you’re focusing on

Thanks for hanging with me today!
I’m Natania, Business Coach + Digital Marketer. I help women just like you grow and scale your online business with a focus on profit.


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