You have no idea how much money you can make if you created a strategy.

Patience is needed but it works!

It’s the patience many don’t want. It takes on going long work.

My first Masterclass was free.

My second was $20.

My third was $27.

My forth was $37.

Now it’s $100.

My first 1-1 session was $30.

Then $60.

Then $100.

Then $125.

Then $150.

Then $157.

Then $167.

Then $227.

Now $325.

Patience. Strategy. Raised my priced. I stepped into my confidence and didn’t shrink back because it made someone uncomfortable. I stepped into my light.

Now I’m booked out a month in advance (fully booked for March and 90% booked for April).

But it took patience and a shift in mindset.

What’s stopping you? What’s keeping you back?


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