How I lost a client

How I lost a client even when I lowered my prices in order to accommodate them and how they screwed me over in the short term

Before I raised my prices to high-ticket pricing with a strategy, the prices I was selling at the time made it near impossible to scale to 6 figures.

I was frustrated because I thought lower prices meant I was being super accommodating and flexible.

So why was it a struggle for people to sign up?

Why did I lose a client?

When I lowered my price to work with a client she decided it was still something she couldn’t afford

…even though it was in the budget she stated she had…

What I learned in that moment was that there is always going to be someone who wont be able to afford your service even if you drop the price to accommodate some people.

I didn’t want to lose her so I was willing to accommodate her budget only for her to turn around and turn me down.

Want to know something else I learned?

When you set a price you communicate a lot about your business.

It tells us your value, the results to gain and…

ultimately how you view your own business.

Price points assign subject worth.

And the price point I set at the time and especially when I lowered it, communicated to me that I’m not serious about scaling.

That even when I try to accommodate people will still say it’s too high.

So forget that. Set your price to bring in six figures. And done.

and I can’t stress enough: in order to bring in multiple six figures within your business, you have to raise your prices!


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