Here’s ONE reminder I want you to hold on to when your business isn’t “growing”

1. Entrepreneurship has ebbs and flows.

There are wonderful, exciting and WILD moments where everything falls into place and the clarity of your steps is SURREAL.

You understand what you’re doing, all the steps in the framework seamlessly flow, more clients, more money, more followers, more confidence, and a sense of deep peace that says “Yes, this is what I’m supposed to be doing.”

And those are wonderful moments and experiences yet are temporary, sometimes fleeting and hard to hold on to forever.

There’s ugly and hard moments of business too. Moments when the enrollment rate is rather … questionable to say the least. You’re struggling in all areas. Your mental health takes a toll. It doesn’t matter what you post but the algorithm is playing games. And you start to reconsider starting your business and question its sustainability of it.

That’s real. It’s natural. And before you conclude that your business IS NOT growing (because sometimes it’s not) also remember that no one lives at the high moments.

We learn in the valley and we celebrate the mountaintops. And that cycle repeats.

This month is the most profitable month ever. And I still remember when I thought it was near impossible to make $50K. I remember setting this a goal a few months back and didn’t make it no matter how hard I tried. But I didn’t give up or forget the goal.

I have low months and moments too.

Some days I still think my business isn’t growing fast enough like the next girl on Instagram and when I have those thoughts, I feel them but also remind myself that’s not true.

Your business may not be growing according to the numbers and that may be true.

But gosh, give yourself MORE grace.

This is not a race. You do not compete. Do not compare yourself to me. You have NOOO clue what it takes to be here and the long hours behind the scenes invested in.

So the next time you feel like your business isn’t “growing”, slow down and reflect on your thoughts because the battle to growth is first one in your head.


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