Keep reading if you want to know the reason why you’re likely capping in your income every month

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It’s not the algorithm. 

It’s you.

It’s your content. 

Your content literally is the deciding factor your client thinks about in terms of buying from you or not. 

And every time they don’t buy from you, you sit confused because you’re not sure if your current offer will get the traffic, hype and interest that it needs so that you can make consistent sales and actually hit $20K months. 

You’re creating content but they aren’t buying. You’re connecting with your community, showing up, being consistent, and nurturing them but they aren’t buying. 

And if they do, it’s like 2 people. 

Your Content CAN and SHOULD translate into cash.

I just made $700 passively from 3 posts today. Someone saw my content booked a call. That’s content to cash. The easiest thing I’ve ever done. 

Without launching anything. Without me telling them to book anything. They saw my content, selected service, and paid for it in full. 

You too can set yourself to be in a position to always make sales with and without launching. 


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