People will pay for what you ask. They will.

You just need to ask for it. 

Then you need to show up and sell it like you mean it. 

Just because you were left on read from your past pitch doesn’t mean everyone will do that. 

It just means you have to find the right people who will gladly and happily pay for what you ask. 

And if you don’t ask, then they won’t buy and if you ask but ask the wrong person, they won’t buy. 

But if you ask the right person, they will simply be asking, where is the link to make the payment? That’s who you want to attract. 

To make your first $100,000 in profit within your business, you’re going to have to raise your price.

Low prices are communicating a message to your audience. It’s not the message or the positioning you want them to have or remember.

Low prices in undercharging yourself communicate to your community that:

-you are winging it

-you are still figuring things out

-you don’t have a set framework or blueprint that you teach

-it shows that you’re not confident in your method

So to flipped that silent script that you’re speaking, you have to change the narrative by raising your price.

But what happens when you raise your price and people are not buying?

What happens when you are charging your worth and you finally pitch on your left on read?

My reminder for use that is people WILL pay for what you ask.


I’m a witness.

It’s the main shift to making more money. This was my main difference between me making $1000 months to hitting my first $10,000 a month within my business. This was the way how I consistently doubled my income every month.


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