3 ways you can say no when somebody tries to pick your brain for free!

SAVE them for future reference!

“I would love to help you gain clarity in *THIS* but it would not be fair to my other clients who pay for 1:1 support

If you’re ever looking for 1:1 support I offer *INSERT offer HERE* !”

“This is such a great question, generally speaking, I answered this here: *share blog/youtube video/guide/instagram post/ lead magnet*.

If you ever wanted to get step-by-step tailored support on this topic here’s the link to book a breakthrough session.”

This is such a great question!

In order for us to dive deeper I would need more information about you and your business to properly respond. The only way to do that is to book a breakthrough session. Would you like the link?”

Here’s the thing…

Don’t feel bad about saying no. You’re not being stingy with information. You’re enforcing your boundaries.

This is a question business owners create a struggle with because they’re not quite sure if they should answer these questions in the DM or if they should one of them back to their paid offers. 

Personally, in my opinion, you can do both.

You can absolutely answer any questions as well as do you have the right in the power to not answer them. 

Choose not to answer them, don’t feel bad.

All businesses have different policies and boundaries.

I want to know: How do you respond?


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