For the Christian entrepreneur: Work for your results.

This next level requires hard work. It’s not going to be convenient.

It’s not going to be handed to you on a plate.

You’re going to have to show up and work for the results you want.

I know that may sound counter culture but it’s the truth.

It will NOT land in your lap.

I know you want effortless, easy, stress free 3 hour work weeks and it is possible, BUT you still gotta work.

Psalm 128:2 says “You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours.”

Labour does NOT MEAN tooling and sweating for long hours, physical exertion for mere coins. It just means work.Labour does not mean grind.

Labour does not mean sweat.

Labour does not mean hustle.

Labour does not mean working ungodly hours.

You will eat by the labour you put in. You will eat the fruits of your work.

But you have to work. Fruits can’t be produced without you planting a seed. The seed planting process is the work.

Show up. Work. Be consistent. Work.

Be visible. Work. Launch properly. Work.


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