Here’s how to be seen as an online expert even if you’re just starting out

Developing an online reputation and being seen as an expert is something all successful businesses have mastered. 

Having an on and offline influence?

Working with notable brands and businesses?

Naturally attracting buyers without tons of marking? 

All of that comes with being seen and known as an expert. And here’s how you can do that right now: 

Actually be the best at something 

Sounds like common sense but it ain’t. and it’s not because unfortunately one of the downsides to social media is a false narrative of what appears to be an overnight success and massive influence on command and that’s simply not true. 

You actually need to prove to your audience why they should buy from you and not everyone else. Your content does need to prove that you know what you’re talking about. 

Your content needs to show your community that you know more than average on the topic you’re an expert at. 

Waltz online thinking you’re going to blow up overnight is not reality. and even if you got a bunch of new followers from viral content, you still have to do the work and show your community why they should stick around. 

Your content should be cutting-edge. It should improve over time in creativity, connection and value.

Host Q+A sessions 

By far this is the easiest way to be seen as an expert. 

Why?  You’re answering questions people have around the topic you are selling in the form of your service. pick a topic you’re an expert at and host an IG live about it and invite your community to ask you questions. 

End the live with pitching a low-ticket offer that is built on the same topic you were educating your audience for free about 

People will buy in because the price is low enough and because you already gained their trust from the live. 

Talk about the obvious in a creative way 

You ever hear the saying, ‘there’s nothing new under the sun?’. The same applies to creating content about different topics your audience wants to hear. 

Even if it seems like common sense to you, trust me, it’s going to be save/share-worthy when you break down different topics in your own creative way! 

Take the obvious and make it yours.


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