6 reasons why people choose not to buy from you

And a QUICK TIP to fix that!

Every business owner needs to understand why consumers buy but most importantly, why they choose not to you.

Let’s look at some reasons why people may not be ready to purchase your offer and swipe to the end to see a quick fix for that.

1. What you’re offering doesn’t help them make or save money

2. What you’re offering doesn’t solve their problem on a long-lasting term basis but solely offers a quick win

3. Your price point is TOO low which makes your offer come off as cheap

4. Your offer is priced too high for your niche and they don’t make enough in their paycheck to cover the cost of the offer

5. You have little authority to persuade someone to buy your product

6. Your offer doesn’t enhance their inner potential or purpose

How do you fix this?

Identify your value proposition

What is the number 1 reason why people should buy-in?

What happens to them if they don’t buy in?

What credibility are you leading with to increase their trust in your business?

People buy from people they trust. Not just because the price is right or because you have a large following.

PRO-TIP: always focus on selling the benefits, the experience, the transformation and the results—not the offer.

ANNND they are NOT the same thing. They are not synonymous. All of those aspects are what makes an offer go from crickets to booked OUT.

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