How I went from $0 to 4 figures back to $0 to running a multiple 6 figure biz


The highs and lows in running an online business is a different ball game y’all

It can seem like we never have any low moments within our business and everything runs smoothly all the time.

We don’t really talk about the months we didn’t hit the sale goal or book the amount of we wanted.

I promised to keep it 100 so here it goes:

My very first sale was a total of $30. I was SO excited because I knew that if I can do that once, I can do it 1,000x more!

AND GEUSS WHAT? After that, I was determined to make 4 figures and I did.

Within months of launching my business, I scaled from $300 to booking out my highest-paid client bringing in 4 figures.

It felt amazing. I learned how to scale my business to make money while doing what I love.

Then the contract was over and I made $0 the next month.

I also had a failed launch thereafter and no one booked a single thing.

Can you relate?

I decided to go so hard for my business, show up consistently and share my tips.

Then I learned my best strategies that shifted my business for the better: I learned how to sustainably scale to 20K months and work less hours

  • I learned how to convert a lead in to a client with a system that works for me
  • the sale funnel behind making a sale
  • how to create content that converts and scale my business in 30 days

Then I taught ALL of those tips in masterclasses + 1:1 coaching programs and my clients saw MAJOR results. They went from having an idea to scaling to 4-5 figures from working with me.

I have had LOW moments in my business just like you. There were WEEKS when I didn’t make any money. And there were weeks when I made thousands!

My tip: Your growth and process are NOT seamless linear timelines. It’s a journey that requires resilience and an unshakable mindset.

AND—get clear on what you’re creating and who it’s for. You NEED to niche down and have clarity on your offers.

I went from $0 to multiple 6 figures in less than 2 years because of my mindset and my strategies

If you’re trying to scale to 6 figures, I have something so exciting coming up next week!


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