The most successful entrepreneurs in 2022 will be the ones who…

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 As I reflect on 2021, I can’t help but get chills about 2022.

I KNOW it’s going to be everything for you once you decide that’s how you want the story to end for you too.

I’ve learned how important rest is. You don’t need to be working so much. Less is more money. Not the other way around.

Investing in myself is wow. I always say I wish I did this sooner. I wish I created more space to learn better ways and now I’m ensuring that happens by taking more rest.

Also being a student towards business never expires. There’s so much to learn. You and I haven’t arrived. Once you act like you have it all together is the minute you stunt your progress. 

The most successful entrepreneurs in 2022 will be the ones who…

1. Prioritize rest. 

You think moving so fast with 0 downtime, grinding like you have to is needed. It’s not. You need rest. Even God rested on the 7th day. You don’t need to always be working and squeezing every last minute of your time to work. 

I have already blocked off 1 week every month until May 2022. Why? Because I know that working longer hours isn’t needed to bring your business to the next level. 

You just need to follow a blueprint that outlines the exact steps to take and that’s it. Nothing more. It truly doesn’t take grinding. 

2. Prioritize learning and investing in their education. 

And that includes free and paid support. Free podcasts to investing in high-touch coaching are all actions that are profitable. They literally generate money.

The issue is you’re working, tired, and exhausted moving so quickly without having enough time to learn a better strategy to scale your business. So you’re in a counterproductive cycle that isn’t actually working. 

3. Prioritize learning and investing in their education. 

Actually, carve out time within your busy schedule to work with a coach. 

No excuses. Make it happen because it cannot be delayed any longer. And once you’re doing it, you’re going to wonder why you didn’t do this earlier. Trust me. 

4. Always remain a student. 

You don’t know everything and you also haven’t arrived. There’s always something to learn. Be a student. Be a sponge. Be coachable. Ditch your ego and humbly approach your business with a curious and open mindset knowing that you too have blind spots and there’s a better way to do what’s already there. 

The minute you lose this mindset is the minute you remain in your own echo chamber and stunt your own progress. 

5. Expand their mindsets. 

You can do anything. You can make a million dollars but you don’t believe it because you’re struggling to set your prices at 4 figures let alone 5. 

Your mindset is the strongest invisible barrier. 2022 will only go but so far you allow your brain to think. 

I made multiple 6 figures in the same amount of time. I set this goal in January 7, 2021. I didn’t know how I was going to do it but I first expanded my mindset because I knew it’s possible and did just that. 

2022 goals won’t happen by chance. 

It is going to take execution and a MAJOR up-level in your thinking which leads to taking big, scary, and wild action. 

2022 can and is already your year to quit your job and run your own business. 

2022 is your 6 figure year. Where you finally have the financial freedom to live life with no limits, exactly how you dreamed it to be. 

Take this from me. I have a degree in nursing I haven’t used because my business is far more profitable. I wake up each day loving what I do. I have no complaint. I thank God MULTIPLE times throughout the day because I remember when 12-hour shifts were my reality. 

I’m in Cancun. Found, booked, and paid for a trip in 3 days. I’m currently writing this at the beach on a luxe resort that my business paid for. It didn’t cost me a dime. I’m happy. 

If you’re ready for this to be you and you want to learn how I planned this year and My Multiple 6 Figure Blueprint that’s filled with a lot of days booked out of the office, effortlessly selling offers and generating consistent and sustainable income without the burnout and confusion, join the She Scales Membership now. 


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