3 Things I did to hit my income goal before the year is out (part 2)

How I scaled to $200K in 11 months


The secret to making consistent, effortless, and fun sales is simply being yourself.

Showing up AS YOU allows your community to fall in love with your most authentic and genuine self. When you peel back the layers of your outer self and actually let people in, you’ll be surprised to see how many other women are going through something similar to what you’re going through.

And it can be good things in challenging things.

You have to let your personality shine online as this truly sets you apart from everybody else.

When everybody else takes content, social media, and selling sooo seriously, you got to tap into the exhilarating freedom that you’re going to make sales regardless because people actually like you.

And people DO like you. And they want to like you MORE. They are searching for a connection. Someone who understands and gets it. You do. You get it. That’s why they followed you. So peel back the layers and be more transparent.

Let people see your humanity.

Your flaws, mistakes, and confidence, authority, influence, expertise, and competence.

In a space of fluff and filler content and creators carting more about the end goal, you show up with “whatever happens, I don’t care. I am being me. I am honoring myself.”

That’s where the effortless sales power lies.

You can’t care so much. It’s a pressure you don’t need.

You are enough. And you, your quirks, mistakes and any self sells and can bring in RICH MONEY CASH


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