Sell the offer because you care. Sounds simple enough but keep reading because 70% of online entrepreneurs DO NOT do it.

A lot of entrepreneurs want passive income so they can be hands-off and just see dollars in their account and it actually doesn’t work that way and here’s why.

The offer that will generate the most amount of money will be based on:

-what you were doing wrong

-or that life wasn’t where you wanted it to be and you were in that low and confusing state for some time

-or that you failed *horribly* at something and it sucked and you were disappointed or even embarrassed by it

Ready for the secret sauce?? AND you need to humbly be able to admit it.

And not just admit it but own it. And own your story because it weaves into your life and makes up who you are.

You don’t want to win your ugly. Your crazy and dysfunction. You want to appear as it you have it allllllll together and I know you do not. And neither do I.

ANNNNND that’s ok.

Because mess is normal.

When you don’t live up to your expectations that makes you HUMAN. That makes you normal like everyone else.

But once you can own that not everything worked out as planned but now you have the solution to fix that so people coming up can avoid what you went through—that makes the difference.

That is how you sell. With some passion because you understand where you were.

So stop with the quick sales that has nothing to do with who you are. Stop selling products to make a quick buck. It works in the short term but you’re not going to be memorable nor impactful.

Does this help?


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