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course creation is IT

Creating a course requires you to put in A LOT more at first in order to see the fruits of your labor later on.

I keep it real so I’m not going to say it’s a walk in the park. Mapping out your curriculum can take a week give or take. Creating the content for each module can take days to weeks.

And most service providers don’t have the time to divide their energy to work on multiple stream projects at once.

How is it possible to create and then launch a program WHILE working 1:1 with clients, and having mini quick sales to keep your business afloat?

By changing your business structure LONG TERM.

I know that probably wasn’t what you wanted to hear but as I’m mapping out the $100K Accelerator I’m looking BACK at the steps it took to get here and because I’m not Kylie Jenner, it took me MONTHS to scale.

Meaning it didn’t happen overnight. I didn’t wake up and create a course and BANG, 100K in cold cash

In the Accelerator I’m teaching you 6 figure strategies, pricing breakdown structures, how to launch your course where clients see results so the program can sell itself.

This is your invite to a new business structure. A new lifestyle. I can’t wait for you to join me.

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What I want you to do right now is to start thinking about how making 6 figures will impact your life and what more money is going to bring you beyond having more 0’s in your bank account. I want to know about the lifestyle behind the money. Are you going to travel?

Pay of debt. Purchase your first or second home? What is the drive for more money? Comment below!


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