4 Sure Ways to UPLEVEL Your Business

(and head into 2022 with peace of mind)

What worked now isn’t an ideal strategy to keep using moving forward. Especially if you want to communicate to your audience the right look and feel you know your business carries.

Here are 3 things I did last year this time to brining in multiple 6 figures 12 months later.


These suggestions are specifically for business owners who are bringing in $3,000-5,000+ a month.

This means you have the money to invest. These tips are not for entrepreneurs who are starting up.

1. Brand Photos

Your selfies, low-quality photos are not cutting it. They got you by. It’s ok to start out with them but they are not giving what needs to be given and you know.

You need HD branded photos.

They are an investment you shouldn’t keep passing on. Book with a photographer.

2. A New Website

I have nothing against Wix but I’ve found universally, they botch all photos. That’s why I switched to ShowIt.

Janky, dingy websites with broken links, outdated services, and pages that don’t reflect what you will be selling need to go.

Hire a web designer and update your services. with sales pages.

3. A Marketing Strategy

You need a new approach to creating content, and selling your offers, and scaling your profit.

What worked-ish in 2021 needs to evolve for 2022. If you’re not happy with the results from your launches and offers, with 1 month left in the year, there’s no reason why you haven’t carved out the time to learn digital marketing. There’s a way to market your business better.

4. A Business RoadMap

Not knowing what you’re doing when it comes to bringing in guaranteed income every month is anxiety you don’t have to have.

Your goal is to be a full-time entrepreneur. So you need a framework to make consistent sales that doesn’t rely on you launching live every month. You need a plan to know where your business will be in 12 months’ time. You need to know your offers per quarter and how to sell them. Then paired with a marketing strategy, you learn how to bring it to action.



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