3 unique ways to sell by using video

Making money through video is easier than you think.

Here’s 3 of my best go to practices I recommend to make money through video content.

TIP 1: Do a 6-8 part IG Story training in the form of a “free mini-class” and drop tons of value.

Because who doesn’t like FREE informative content?

When you show up on your Instagram stories in a more personal touch, but yet your content is still geared towards educating your audience about hot topics within your industry, this right away gives you a personal edge amongst your competitors who are posting static feed content.

TIP 2: Do a reel using this hook: “The Number 1 Thing You Need To Know About [INSERT NICHE]” 

Don’t. Skip. This. Hook. I am telling you: USE IT!

This right away positions you as a go to leader that has a personal opinion about common practices within your industry. Share what you know to be most important and most helpful.

TIP 3: Do a 20 minute IG Live about a topic your audience voted on.

Then pitch your offer at the end.Instagram live is not dead. And it never will be.

Your audience wants to hear your voice, see how down to earth you are, and fall in love with your quirks and personality.

That’s what makes you YOU! And you are your greatest asset that SELLS

This is best done and executed in a longer video format. And if you do the first part right, then pitching any type of offer in the end will be an easy buy.I am a witness.

This month I’m ending off with over $25K cash without launching because I use these 3 types of video content.Let me know which one you’re going to try now


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