5 mistakes HURTING your sales

5 Mistakes That Are HURTING Your Sales

This week we’re talking all about selling online.

It’s important to know how to use social media effectively as an online entrepreneur so you can constantly be in state of conversion!

Here’s 5 mistakes that are common but easy to avoid moving forward. 

Are you struggling to make daily sales online? You’re not alone.  

With the recent IG changes + not mastering a converting sales technique, it can feel near impossible to be successful and gain new buyers every day.  But here’s some tips to help with that! 

1. Not asking for the sale

If you have something that is life-changing, you have to sell it like it is. And that looks like you asking for people to buy. And no, this does not mean you cold DM someone and pitch your service, it looks like you shamelessly plugging in your offer everywhere possible because you know the impact your offer carries. 

Plug in your offer in reels, posts, lives, and stories. 

PRO TIP: Add it to your bio like mine! 

2. Only talking to your audience when you have something to sell

It may not seem like people can tell, but we can. If the only time you send an email or show up on your page 5 days before you launch, it gives off the impression that you only care about making money. 

And that isn’t the bottom line. 

Selling is about connection and if there’s no relationship built, no one will buy from you. 

3. Selling to anyone who has a heartbeat

I see you. Not everyone is the right buyer for your offer. Throwing an offer out into the ocean of IG just to see who will buy is not a strategy. 

Some want a high ticket coaching experience and others want a group program and some just want a training masterclass they can keep watching on their own time. 

Although your offer is for a specific target audience, there’s different needs in that target audience and selling to everyone in your target isn’t wise. 

4. Not giving out helpful tips for free

Don’t let someone else over-provide helpful tips.  

Providing free valuable information is the number one way to get people to trust you, look to you as the go-to expert and keep you memorable.

Easy to forget content is easy to not buy offers. 

5. Not qualifying your offer

Selling what you think is a good idea vs what your audience actually needs is the missing link you need. 

Talk to your audience. Get their opinion on what they need right now vs what would be nice to have.

Also before you qualify the offer, ensure you’re selling the right offer in the first place. Selling the right offer for the wrong target audience is a waste of time for you in the long run. 

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