Want to start a WILDLY successful online course but you’re not sure how?

Want to start a WILDLY successful online course but you’re not sure how?


If you’re a coach, consultant or service based provider with a money making business, you’ve probably thought about launching your own online course.

But then the doubt starts to set in.

You start to think about

Where do I even start?

Who’s gonna buy it?

Do I even know how to create a course?

And then you see other women do what you’d like to do and so the fear sets in and you don’t create it.

Sometimes we chalk up a lack of action in telling ourselves “I’ll figure it out later. I’m focused on growing my 1:1 clients.”

Reason? Or excuse? You decide.

Once I realized that I’ve been creating mini-courses for my 1:1 clients and they are getting the results they want, I felt confident in doing it on a wider scale

Did I feel ready? Heck no.

Did I make mistakes along the way? Still learning from them.

But I launched. And scaled to MANY multiple 5 figure 15-25K months.


This is not to brag but an honest reality check that

  1. you should have created your signature online course a LONG time ago

2. creating an online course truly is the answer you need in no longer being overwhelmed with your business or job because you’ll finally have MORE free time by creating a one and done offer

3. if you don’t start it now, when will you?

I’d like to say you’re ready love. It’s time to start.

In just 6 weeks, you will create a money-making passive income course that allows you to scale to 6 figures in your business.

The choice is entirely yours.

You can choose to stay where you’re at, knowing that if nothing changes, nothing changes.

Knowing that you’re passing up the opportunity to say yes to yourself and growing your business with an expert who has worked with hundreds of women.

OR you can lean into this opportunity, knowing that change is a good thing. It means you’re growing.

and if you made it to the bottom, comment below to chat about questions you have about this next pivot in your business.


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