Here’s A Few 2022 Q2 Predictions

SAVE THIS and start making notes

Because if you don’t pivot then you’ll be left in the dust with your content! 


TikTok is still dominating the content game.

Short or even long, funny, entertaining and relatable videos are most popular.  

Where IG has fallen off it has still maintained a curated lifestyle. Everything has to be on point. Looks MATTERED. 

But now that’s not the case. People want the real you. The well put together look LOOKS nice but people don’t care for that as much.  

So if you’ve thought about not posting something you really liked because it’s “off brand” and doesn’t “match” that doesn’t matter anymore. POST! 

Post more what you find to be funny and worth sharing. It doesn’t have to always be on brand.  Share your honest thoughts about your values outside of business too. People want the real you.

I can’t stress this enough. You don’t have to solely touch in brand pillars.  


Funny reels can be 5-9 seconds.

Educational reels using your own voice can be 1 minute using CC 

Both work. Both have different goals. Use both and mix it up. 

Your personality has and WILL be the reason people buy from you. Let it shine. Show it in a dance. Show it in your own voice. Express your honest, raw, and sassy thoughts. People want to hear it. 

The fluffy content and perfectly curated feed + persona is outdated.  


Trending reels are great but don’t feel pressured to only use audio that’s viral.  

This puts on added pressure that defeats the purpose of creating content you love. Show off your authenticity by sharing you in the most natural way.  Post what you want!  

After reading, tell me are you loving this prediction or not that interested?

I am HAPPY! And I really hope we get to shift the culture of Instagram into something more authentic. Showing up as YOU has and will always win. We took things too far with the aesthetics and made decisions based on appearance than value or personality.

I’m glad that won’t be the case anymore! 


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