Let me just say this real quick and make it clear…

You do not need to post 3x per day. 

I have NEVER seen ANY content creator, expert or coach say that. It’s not a need it’s optional.

And they then proceed to outline the benefits of higher visibility why it works. 

So creating content in response to “creators” saying you NEED to post 3x per day is truly not needed. 

You can show up, make money and post 2-4x per week.

We know this, you can. It’s your choice. 

And there’s amazing benefits to posting 3x per day.

Still your choice. 

Let me just sit this here real quick: you do not need to post 3x per day.

I have never seen anyone say you do. I have NOT. Ever. In my 25 years of life seen that.

I have always heard of the benefits and I have chosen to show frequently because of the benefits of increasing my visibility and brand awareness.

My marketing strategy is based on people buying today, tomorrow, next month, or next year.

And because of that I decided to show up to 3x per day, Monday – Friday.

This is what works for me. For ME.

And it’s totally your choice to follow suit or to do whatever you want with your business and your Instagram account.

Again, this is your business. You decide how you want to show up. You do not need to listen to anyone. 


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