3 years in business

1 year in business full time

3 years of working in the digital space

2 years of convincing myself I can do this

1 year of sowing seeds and building with no intention of seeing a quick harvest

1 year of having total peace about relying on my business to fully sustain my life, my family and my goals

There’s so many happy moments I can reflect on like helping women figure out what they truly want to do.

I live for the moments when she manually turns the mental wheels in her head as I ask her leading questions that bring her closer to the idea that was a feeling, NOW, into a stream of income.

I live for the moments of feeling the look of relief on her face when she finally got it all out of her head and we work to communicate her idea into a sellable and scalable business

I live for the moments when she explains to me why she got into business but I can sense she’s afraid to dare herself to dream higher and bigger because she is basing her ideas based on what she sees and not what she hears on the inside.

I live now for the moments of authentic, raw and honest connection. Content that has impact and not just trendy transitions.

I want more from these 3 years. I’ve seen $0 and 58 followers. I’ve seen multiple 6 figures and almost 22,000 online friends.

I’ve seen mind-blowing money months and what you may consider being an embarrassing launch.

I’ve seen my content go viral, gained a lot of online spectators and yet I’ve created a bomb community that likes me for me.

For real. For real.

I’ve seen a lot and I have a feeling this is still a start.

So here’s to me….pivoting out of coaching and into something different, the She Scale Membership.

Here’s to another chapter unravelling and stepping into goosebumps-scary excitement.

Do you resonate with this transition? Can you feel the change too? What are you excited to see?


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