How to Scale 6 Figures in 12 Months

If you want to scale to 6 figures in the next 12 months, this one is dedicated to you…

You’re going to need to make 2 main pivots


You need more time to first understand who your target audience is, what offers they need and how to deliver that.

Then you need to be making consistent sales and understanding your conversion rate and KPI’s.

Then you need to work on your marketing, content, launching, sales and promotional strategies.

You need to find a rhythm—a business routine and be consistent with the money making habits that you now know yields a new buyer.

In each topic just mentioned there’s about 10-25+ steps in of it self.

Now only do you have to learn that but you also have to be great at it. Not just good or okay.

I’m not trying to overwhelm you but there’s A LOT that happens behind and of course in front of the scenes that YEILDS that huge milestone you want which is your first $100,000.

The good thing is many have taken that path before and YOU WILL TOO….you just have to give it time…

You need time to fail and time to win. You need time to learn from your mistakes and not the make the same ones.

You need time to learn that certain winning habits that worked at the start won’t work at the next level up.

You need time to think about that. And then more time to change.

You need time. Lots of it.

And yes you can learn that all on your own or you can get a mentor; totally your choice.


People are not going to start shelling out $$$ because you asked or because your feed is pretty. You need MORE people who know about you, and a heck of a lot more people who are willing to BUY from you.

You need a larger audience, more reach and more visibility
Why? Some of the people who follow you may never buy from you. They may never convert so you constantly need to have new leads come into your sale funnel in order to have more service awareness (more eye balls on your offer)

BONUS TIP: you also need to be likable with a memorable personality. Don’t be a cookie cutter from what you see online. Be you and show off that!

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