2 Ways to Book Your Next Client

2 ways to book your next client

When it comes to running an online business, your focus is to bring in consistent sales that allow you to scale in profit. Here’s a few tips to help with that.


When you sleep at night, you should be able to close your eyes and know EXACTLY who will like your posts tomorrow, who would be most interested in your offer if it were to drop in less than 24 hours.

And how do you know this? It’s the people most frequently in your notifications, most frequently in your Instagram DM‘s and the people who continuously watch your stories and reply back to it.

That is your community. Serve them. You should know their names.

Don’t sell to them if you don’t know their names. Remember I said IMPACT.


It’s actually a GOOD idea to offer your service to people who have expressed interest in it.

Slide into DM’s if they have expressed interest.

If they haven’t expressed interest, it can come off as cringe-worthy and icky.

But if they have inquired or filled out an intake form, chances are of you have already established a relationship in order for you to sell to them.

Serving is selling.

And there’s a higher chance that they would actually love to work with you but may not have inquired because they may not have seen your content on the timeline. So don’t be afraid to slide into the DM‘s and suggest to them your offer.

I’ve done this and EASILY made multiple 5 figures every single month (without selling my soul).

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  1. olop says:

    That’s right, great tips! I will apply them

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