One thing I wish I understood first before scaling to 6 figures

One thing I wish I *truly* understood first before scaling to 6 figures is that

money will ALWAYS be there.

Let that sink in.

not everything is about making money, doubling your monthly income or finally the newest strategy to attract more buyers.

The money will always be there.

Whether I pushed my business or not.

Whether I find the newest strategies to launch more efficiently or not.

Whether I follow a launch funnel sequence to the tea or not, money will always be there.

And when I fully understood this it immediately took the pressure off of me having to show up all the time in fear that if I didn’t, I wouldn’t “make the money.”

So your reminder is that the money will always be there.

Give yourself GRACE to and space to figure out everything else.

There will always be another buyer.

Maybe not in this launch or this round of your offering but the next time you run it, there WILL be buyers AGAIN.

This new shift in my mindset allowed me to:

-have more fruitful, genuine launches where I wasn’t hooked up on meeting a certain metric but honoring everyone who DID invest

-allowed me to scale my business in profit. Because I knew that no matter what I launch, I know there will always be a buyer (because God does that for me), I don’t have to pressure myself to pull strings. I literally saw more money because I knew 1. What I was doing and 2. I knew God was honoring my sacrifice and work.

I knew there’s a grace on this business so I don’t have to jump through hoops.

He provides. We talk about “alignment” a lot online but that IS it.

when you know you should be operating in this lane—in this niche and industry, relax a bit. Things fall into place over time.

Does this help? Let me know if this resonates with you in the comments!


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