This is your deeper purpose

Once you wake up to your inbox filled of new buyers purchasing your evergreen offers—you never go back to trading time for energy.

Once you realize that you CAN make your works salary in 3 months time from selling your ideas—you do not go back.

Once you realize that you can travel to other countries and have it be a tax write off—you never worry about putting in your personal time off (what the heck is that?! it’s MYYY time)

Once you realize that making money is awesome and you can do it without selling your soul, cold pitching 20 million people and simply standing in your truth—you never fall for gimmicks or quick wins.

Once you cross over from 4-5-6 figures in 12 months time-you realize that you had what it took ALL along to create the path you want to walk on.

Once you’re realize that your audience is looking for YOU to be YOU and to show up as YOU—you recognize the impact and the power you hold online and you work on being a better leader as you shift content.

I could go on but my point of this is showing you that you are the bottom line. You are it. You are the decision to go forward or to stay where you are.

There’s so much joy, peace and a deeper sense of fulfilment when you know you’re walking clearly in your purpose. Your business isn’t just an extension of your creative freedom but this is exactly where you should be in life.

This is your deeper purpose.

The lifestyle you want—be about it. You are not a tree love.

You hold a lot more power than you think you do.

Don’t keep your self stuff in a cycle that is something within your means to change.

This is stepping into your 6 figure self. She is waiting for you. And no. It’s not just about $100,000.

Your entire business does change when you reach another level in business. Your mindset shifts, the weight and responsibilities increase.

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONTENT YOU CREATE BECAUSE MORE PEOPLE LISTEN TO YOU (just want to stress the higher impact and also damage that can become of that fact)

You want to step into that. But it’s not just a hope or a feeling. After all if that was the case—we’d all step into that.

You have to let go of what’s not working in order to create space for what will. You also need to shift your thoughts in order to think differently so you can be different.

You need to also implement habits, systems and frameworks to give your dreams structure as you transport them into real life.

Take some time to think about what that looks like for you.


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