A Very Quick And Easy To Implement Strategy To Make $1,000 Online

Scaling to 4 figure months looks like creating a low ticket offer (also known as self-liquidating offers)

Low ticket offers typically look like services products price between $17-97. Creating an inexpensive product allows a prospective consumer to get to know your business in a low-barrier way. What I mean by this is it allows them to gauge and confirm their initial thoughts about your business.

If your SLO is underwhelming and doesn’t live up to their expectations, they won’t be coming back to ultimately buy your signature premium course or program.

What happens is, most entrepreneurs don’t want to create this because everyone wants to be “high-ticket” but how are you creating a way for you to deliver value without it being a generic freebie that gets people on your email list?

Say you price your SLO at $37.

Let’s say 25 people opt-in. That’s $740.

2/25 is carried down your funnel and opts in to your mid-ticket offer at $199.

That’s a $1,138 sale from your funnel that you created once and is now ran on autopilot. It’s also very profitable and likely to enroll another consumer ultimately into your high ticket offer which starts at $997. 

Understanding what it will take to influence your audience to buy from you is not a mystery. Use this simplified funnel strategy to make 4 figures from your online business with ease.


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